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"Quite simply, this women saved my life. When I first became very sick, three years ago, I was in and out of doctors offices and hospitals. Those were frustrating and frightening times, marked by conflicting advice, discouragement from doctors, and no official diagnosis. No one was willing to treat something they did not understand. Finally, I found Dr. Bhakta. Today, I have regained much of the quality of my former life. I am am back to working full time, gardening, quilting, traveling and enjoying life. I owe much to Dr. Bhakta. The treatment was complicated, time consuming and after four months I wasn't sure if I would make it through. But, with patience and wisdom, she steadily and unwaveringly guided me back. She knows her stuff. Her knowledge of medicine, physiology and pathology well surpasses any of the dozens of doctors who told me it was all in my head. When I first came to her I could barely walk, could not sleep more than and hour at a time, and the pain was all encompassing. Today, as I write this I am in Boston and then off to New York to visit with my son. None of this could have been possible without her individualized medicine, and her determinate to give me back what was stolen by nature. " -SM

"Our son has severe Autism and Lyme disease. Dr. Bhakta is helping Ethan with a treatment plan based on facts and science and now Ethan is gradually beginning to use words and continues to make good progress in academics and social ability. We still have a long road ahead us and we truly appreciate the care and guidance we receive from Dr. Bhakta. Thank you." -Parents of EC

"Dr Bhakta is one of the best LLMD's in OC-I think she's actually the only one too! She's completely knowledgeable in treatment options and up to date on all the new research in Lyme disease and it's co-infectors. She also is very integrative in her treatment approach and open to new modalities of natural remedies. I've referred her to a few if the "Lyme friends" I know and they too have had very positive experiences. Thank you Dr B!" KG

"Dr. Bhakta is an incredible, intelligent and very compassionate medical DOCTOR as well as individual - she is the reason I am still ALIVE TODAY! I would go as far as calling her a genius! I had been misdiagnosed by very fancy doctors in both Beverly Hills and New York for years and it wasn't until I went to Dr. B that I found out the reason I was so sick - on my first visit, she spent 4 hours with me walking through my past test results and all the symptoms I had been going through all these years! I am pleased to say that I feel wonderful after being in treatment with Dr. B for 6 months for Lyme Disease and many variations of Co-infections. She will not only get to the root of your medical issue, she will be aggressive in treating all AREAS of your illness!" KG

"My son, Matthew, is 16 years old and has Lyme and multiple co-infections and toxicity issues. He is extremely sensitive to dust, mold, chemicals...etc...and I would not have ever fully understood the dangers of his environment or what to do about it if it was not for Dr. Bhakta. We we're at the end of our rope and I do believe I was about to lose him before seeing her in January. There's a long road ahead but he is doing so much better. This was not the beginning of our journey and he had been seeing another LLMD for a year who could not help him. I am very thankful for her." DG

"Dr. Bhakta was a God-send to us. Out of all the LLMDs we saw, she was the most knowledgeable and thorough in testing. She found a serious infection in my daughter that ALL the other doctors had missed. She is a testing guru. Where there are "mysterious" underlying problems with an illness, she will likely find them." KC

"During the year or so I have been under the care of Dr. Bhakta (due to Lyme & Co), I have constantly been impressed by the extraordinary depth and breadth of her knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication. I do not exaggerate. I feel lucky to have found her." OBK, PhD, MPH

"I first saw Dr. Bhakta in early 2010. I was seeking a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) after getting the run around from a number of overpriced and ineffective medical groups in Los Angeles. Dr. Bhakta spent nearly 3 hours with me on my first appointment, even staying long after closing time to complete the most thorough medical history anyone had ever taken from me (I have seen well over 20 doctors in my 20+ year struggle with my health). Dr. Bhakta reviewed every page of labs that previous doctors had run on me, and once complete, drew up a comprehensive and relevant listing of additional tests I needed to have run before we could decide on a course of treatment. Given the serious nature of the treatment I needed, Dr. Bhakta was conservative in the decision making process, but confident and aggressive once we had agreed on a course of action. Dr. Bhakta is technically outstanding, and her research work, and access to high level peers makes her the most knowledgeable physician I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. For anyone looking for a doctor open to tackling a complex medical condition, especially an unexplained long term chronic illness, I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Bhakta! MN


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